How to Order

Due to the extreme rush nature of the services we offer, using our online design tool is the only way to order through this site.  It offers a variety of decorating options and will give live pricing based on what is being ordered.  Each change you make to the art, shirt style, shirt color, size, quantity, etc. will automatically update the pricing.

 Please review the steps on how to order and details on how turnaround time work below.

Steps to Order Custom Shirts

1. Choose the product for the turnaround time and print method that best suits your needs.

2. Chose one shirt size. It doesn't matter what size right now. You can add more sizes once you design your shirt.

3 Click "Customize!" (below the add to cart link) to open the design tool. DO NOT click "add to cart" when trying to design a custom shirt. That will simply add a blank shirt to your cart (and at a much higher cost than ordering blank shirts)

4. Create your design. Pricing will update as you make changes.

5. Click "Order Option" to add additional sizes.

6. Read the terms and conditions and then click the checkbox next to it.

7. Click the "Checkout" button. You may see various errors and re-attempts at adding your items to the shopping cart. This is normal. Let the website work and the products should be added to the cart.

8. If you wish to add more products to the cart, click "continue shopping" in the upper right corner. This is required if you want to add more than one type of shirt to an order. For example, if you want Black Same Day DTG Adult Shirts and White Same Day DTG Youth Shirts, these items must be configured and added separately. Otherwise, you can continue the checkout process by clicking "Check out".

During checkout, "Pick up from shop" is displayed for all orders. If your order meets certain criteria (order value and distance from our shop), "Local Delivery" may be displayed. We do not currently offer traditional shipping methods (UPS, USPS, or FEDEX) through this website. If you need items shipped, please contact us to arrange a quote. Turnaround time listed on the website do not include shipping times.

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How Turnaround Times Work

Turnaround times are based on business days, not calendar days.  Our business hours can be found on our Contact Us page.  Orders will be ready for pickup by 5pm the day of the due date.  Please note, your order must be placed by the deadlines listed (when applicable) and accepted by us. We will review orders as
they come in and notify you if there are any issues that may prevent an order from being fulfilled. 
Having quality, legal artwork is critical to successful orders.

Listed below are some examples of how the timing works.  For the purposes of these examples, we will assume a normal week of operations, for which we are open Monday – Friday, from 9am until 5pm (Eastern). 
Holidays and closures would affect the examples listed below. 

•If you place an order for same day turnaround at 8am Thu, your order will be ready by 5pm Thu (same day).

•If you place an order for next day turnaround at 11am on a Tues, your order will be ready by 5pm on Wed.

•If you place an order for two-day delivery at 6pm on a Friday, your order will be ready by 5pm on Tuesday.

•If you place an order for three-day delivery at 3pm on a Mon, your order will be ready by 5pm on Thursday.

•If you place an order for same day delivery at noon on a Sat, your order will be ready by 5pm on Monday.

If you have questions about timing, please contact us in BEFORE placing your order. 

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Need Additional Help?

If you are unable to use our online design tool, need help with the ordering process, or need ordering options that are not available on this website, please visit our parent site.

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