Artwork Requirements

Each decorating method requires different artwork prep.  DTG, screen printing, and vinyl file requirements are listed below.

We are EXTREMELY strict regarding the legal use of artwork. We will not reproduce copyrighted/trademarked/licensed material without explicit written consent from the design owner.  When this circumstance applies, timing will be delayed until we receive this permission.

In most cases, this permission is not easily obtainable.  This includes (but is not limited to): professional sports organizations and team names/logos, collegiate teams/logos, characters from movies/tv/books/comics, etc., Greek fraternities/sororities, celebrity likeness, and companies/brand names.  Additionally, most files downloaded from the internet are not legal to use.  Some websites do allow for commercial use of images (e.g. or will sell licenses to reproduce images (e.g.  Images like this are normally high-quality and ready for print.  Images taken from search engines and websites are normally low-quality and will not be reproduced without owner consent.

If supplying questionable artwork, we will ask for proof of written permission from the copyright holder prior to processing your order.  If this is not readily available, it could prevent us from completing your order on time, or result in order cancellation.

If your order contains any of the above listed intellectual property, it is subject to cancellation.  Repeated offenses will result in account closures.

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Decorating Methods

Direct-to-Garment (DTG)

PNG file format

Color Mode set to RGB

Color Space set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1

Transparent Background

300 dpi image sized to be the actual print size you want on the shirt.

If using Photoshop, trim away the excess background (Image>Trim).  Your design should fill up the canvas. (Don’t upload a 3″ x 3″ image on a 12″ x 10″ art board).

Design size limit on adult shirts: 14" x 18"

Design size limit on youth shirts: 10" x 12"

Screen Printing

Native vector art is required for screen printing (.eps, .ap, .cdr, .pdf, .svg). Files created with raster art software (Photoshop) and saved as one of these file types are not native vector files.

Fonts must be converted to curves/outlines.

Since we only offer one color screen printing, files should be made using solid black. The ink color will be chosen by the ink applied to the screen, not the color of your artwork.

Design size limit on adult shirts: 12" x 15"

Design size limit on youth shirts: 10.5" x 10.5"

vector vs raster example

Vector art vs. Raster art

This image (a screenshot) shows the clean, clear edges of a vector file (top image) compared to the rough, pixelated edges of a rastor file (bottom image). Vector files are needed for high-quality screen printing. The bigger you make a raster image, the worse it will look. Vector files do not loose quality as the are enlarged.

High res (300dpi) vs Low res (72pdi)

This image shows the print quality difference between using a high resolution file and a low resolution file of the same image. The high resolution file came (top print) from a digital camera. The low quality image (bottom print) came from the photo after it was downloaded from social media.

The higher quality image received, the better you print will look. We are not responsible for low-quality prints if bad artwork is submitted!