Answers to frequently asked questions about the Shirt Responders website and policies.

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Artwork Questions

Why don't you print copyrighted/trademark/licensed material?

Because we don't want to get sued! How would you feel if someone stole your design and sold it for profit without your permission or financial benefit?

But the logo I want to use is for personal use only...I'm not reselling. Will you print it?

No. We don't care what you do with the shirts you order from us (wear it, burn it, sell it, gift it). However, if we sell the infringing item to you, it's considered a commercial transaction, and we'd become liable for copyright/trademark infringement. We'd rather print shirts than fight lawsuits.

I saw the same image/design/logo on Etsy or Amazon. How are they selling it?

It's a simple case of risk-vs-reward. The world is full of rule-breakers. Do you know every person that broke a law and got caught? There are plenty of lawsuits for copyright and trademark infringement. Google it. Order from another vendor if they a design you want.

Why are your artwork requirements so precise?

Did you read our mission statement at the bottom of every page? Sure, we can print the photo that you took on your 1 megapixel phone 15 years ago that you texted to a friend, who uploaded it to Facebook, who downloaded it and emailed it to your mom, who screenshotted and emailed it to you to upload to our site. If you think that is going to look good when blown up and printed on a shirt, you're probably still paying by the minute for long-distance phone calls.

Can you create a design for me?

Due to the nature of this website's business model, we cannot help you with artwork. If you need further assistance with designs or more complex orders, please visit our parent website.

General Questions

Why are your ordering options so limited?

In order to prevent making promises we can't keep, we only offer select items that we have in stock and ready to print. If you need shirts today that we can't get in stock for a few days, that isn't helpful, is it?

Why aren't you open weekends or longer hours?

We work hard during the week fulfilling little miracles every day. We want time-off to relax too. Plus, we have a sweet ambulance to hang out in and spread the word about Shirt Responders, so we technically already work most weekends anyway!

Why can't I cancel/change my order?

We offer emergency shirt services. We aren't waiting to see if you want to change your order. Once your order comes in, we're going to start on it. If you need something else, please place another order.

Why is your delivery area so limited?

Have you ever tried to order food from a restaurant but they won't deliver to your location? It's like that. You can always pick up from here or use a courier service if you are located outside our delivery area.

I called during business hours but it went to voicemail. Is anyone there?

Even though our phone numbers ends in 911, this isn't a 911 call center with dozens of operators. We're likely working with other customers. Leave us a message and we will call you back as soon as possible! Most voicemails received during business hours are returned within the hour, if not just a few minutes.

I can't make it there before we close. How can I get my order?

You can have the shirts delivered if you are close enough. If not, you can send someone to pick them up. Finally, we can leave them outside. If you choose to leave your order outside, please note it is not a secure area and subject to weather and theft. Please pick up ASAP to avoid issues.

Do you have any other locations?

Until we are able to clone ourselves, our team can only handle one location.

How does shipping effect the turnaround time?

Shipping is completely independent of the turnaround time you process. Turnaround time only refers the time it takes us to complete you order. Shipping days are in addition to this. The cost and timeframe of shipping depends on the weight and address of the delivery.

Where do I go to pick up my order?

Our Contact Us page would be a good place to start.

What if I have more questions?

Refer to the answer of the previous question.

Why are your answers so sarcastic?

Where's your sense of humor? Standard answers are boring. We answered your questions though, didn't we?